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Full name: Christopher Michael Fedun
Birthday: January 14, 1986
Fave color: blue
Fave ice cream flavor: vanilla
Travel companions: "I bring along pictures of me with my friends and family."
Hidden talent: "I love writing, and I'm a good runner."
Bad habits: "Pinching people's ears. Brittany, Lesley and Libby get mad, but my other friends have gotten over it."
Musical role models: BeeGee's
Training: vocal lessons, piano, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, guitar and jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop dancing

>>>'s Bio for Chris
As the elder statesman of Jump5 at the ripe old age of 17, Chris Fedun says what he means and means what he says. Truth be told, Chris is an avid athlete and an accomplished performer who paid his dues studying voice, piano, guitar, and gymnastics, as well as jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop dancing. If you ask him what has amazed him the most about being in Jump5, he's quick to tell you that it's what happens after the music: "It's mind-blowing to talk to fans or read their letters...When a parent says, 'Your music helped me put my life back together,' it just makes me feel so blessed to be a small part of something that can encourage people." As for future plans, Chris is headed toward high school graduation and then on to studying drama and acting. No surprise there. Those who know him best, like his Jump5 pals, figure he'll be commanding a stage somewhere even when he's 70

>>> Chris's Favorites
Color- blue
Icecream- vanilla
Food- macroni and cheese
Poptart- Strawberry
Animal- dog
TV show- Full House and 7th Heaven
Movie- Dumb and Dumber
Vacation spot- Panama City, FL
Food- Mexican
Car- small blue truck
Class- Dance
Group- BeeGees
Jump5 song- "Meaning of Life"
Album- Nsync Celebrity
Sports- basketball and football
Olympic event- speed skating
Activity- hanging out with friends
Day- Friday
Holiday- Christmas
Candy- Hot Tamales
Cerial- Fruity Pebbles.
More about Chris
Chis is the oldest member of Jump5.
Chris love dogs! He has a Bishon Frise and her name is Snuggles and she is 7 years old.
When he goes to college he wants to major in music.
Chris like to eat at Sonic.
Chris birthday is January 14th.
Chris is currently 19
Chris is 5' 9" and wears a size 10 1/2 in shoes.
Chris has his drivers licsense
His nickname is Crisco.
Chris loves writing.
He starting dancing and singing when he was 9.
Chris started playing sports when he was 5.
He is a good runner.
His bad habit is pinching peoples ears.
Chris has been in meany commercials.
He likes performing in plays.
Chris has had training in vocal lessons, piano, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, guitar and jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop dancing.
When he's on the road, he brings pictures of his friends and family with him.
Chris has the best handwriting in the group.
Chris's mom and dad are his role models.
Chris has one brother, Matt(22).
Fun & Games is his favorite part of
Chris like to collect WWJD bracelets and cross chains.
Chris says his favorite season is summer because it's warm outside and you get to sleep late.
Chris' road toothbrush is green.
Chris has never had braces.
Chris' Christmas traditions are "When we travel to my aunts we have to have christmas music on."
Chris says the funnest place he's been on tour was New York.
Chris says that the thing he liks to do most when being backstage and you have some free time is play cards.
Chris' favorite thing he recieved for Christmas 2003 was a digital camera.
Chris' favorite song off Accelerate is Wonderful.
Chris' favorite brithday was his 16th.
Chris is Catholic.
His favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 13.
If he could participate in any sport,it would be Auto Racing.
His favorite thing about the Bible: "I like the Book of Psalms. I can always find and interpret something new and differently. It is the Songbook of the Bible and I find that really cool."
The best thing he's ever done was donate things new & old to others in need.
The worst thing he's ever done was back in 3rd grade,he called someone a name that really hurt them.
His word of advice: "Always be the person you want to be,not who others want you to be. Then You will never loose yourself